When I first wrote this “About” section, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

To be honest, does anyone really know what they are doing?

These days, I think I am a bit closer to having a vague idea about my broader goals in life.

I am a communicator – all my jobs have been about communicating a goal to an audience. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve worked in politics, in sports administration, in education and technological marketing—and in all those fields, I have focused on communication.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still interested in things like football, food, politics and the world around me. The key difference is that I think more about them and the messages that are being communicated.

When you think about what a politician is saying, who are they really talking to? Are they talking to every person, or do they want to send a message to a core constituency? When your favourite sports club lets go of players at the end of the season to bring in new players, what do those new players mean for the direction of the club? These sort of things are important when you think about messaging and communication from a strategic point of view.

This is what I like to do. When things are confusing, I take a step back and think, “What are they REALLY trying to say?”


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