Monday Mysteries – Obsidian Vision

Obsidian Vision is a Level 8 Drow (Dark) Half-Elf Bard from the College of Lore. She took the Courtier Background.


Obsidian Vision was born of human father Doldurn Serpentroar and drow mother Haeliara Claddep. They lived in the cave systems below Hermimar Highlands, where the local clans would often use Mararonto Gorge for hunting, thieving, and scavenging. Obsidian did not have any brothers or sisters and had few friends within the Gave Thalore system.

Both Doldurn and Haeliara were both accomplished bards in their own right. Doldurn was a noted poet who had studied across Faerun, while Haeliara had previously performed in the theatre, despite the original protestations of her noble family. They had met through their mutual passions of the Elvish arts, and despite the misgivings of being human, Doldurn had shown his knowledge of traditional Elvish arts.

Obsidian was expected to carry on the bardic traditions of the family in whatever way she wanted. She had joined the Times of Tomorrow, an orchestra that traveled Faerun and other planes throughout the multiverse playing for various patrons wealthy enough to afford them.

In her mid-20s, Obsidian spoke to the other first chairs and the conductor, Quave Beltaulur. She expressed her desire to head up into the world to share her ability and the word of the Times of Tomorrow. Given her decade-long service, she was given a Fochlucan Bandore, made of the deepest black woods and tuned with mithril strings. Her parents gave her a Cloak of Protection that had been passed down for generations from her mother’s side.


As part of the Times of Tomorrow, Obsidian was first mandolin – a position of pride for both her and her wider family. All the “first” positions among the Times of Tomorrow were given to musicians expected to achieve great things in their future.

While there was traditionally significant competition behind the scenes to get into one of those chairs, that seat was secure once someone got into a chair. Of course, if someone was to “leave” a chair by some sort of unfortunate accident, then that seat would become open.

There were many questions about how Khumkalle Lapispresser was found dead with several daggers in her neck, right before the tour of Waterdeep and the Shadowfell. Still, any investigation was quick – the show, as they say, must go on.


Within 12 months of her adventuring outside of the mountains, she came across Malimar Misery. The Tiefling Warlock was intrigued by the dark elf with white and silver hair playing simple songs on her mandolin. Delighted by the tunes, Malimar offered a deal – she would entertain him for a year and a day with her songs, and he would teach her new magic.

She agreed to this deal, and as they traveled across the land together, fighting and singing and performing and reveling, they learned from each other. Malimar learned about the Times of Tomorrow and the ways of the drow. Obsidian learned about tieflings, some different gods, and the dangers of men that would otherwise take advantage of her.

Following a year and a day of travel together, their deal was complete. Obsidian had new spells, and Malimar had been entertained. In the event they found each other again, they would join forces once again.


It was not all positivity on the roads. After her time with Malimar, Obsidian spent time working in taverns, picking up work wherever possible. She found a lot of success in the more well-to-do taverns and wine bars in cities generally frequented by nobles. From here, she would occasionally be offered the opportunity to perform at private parties, which would pay significantly better than her standard rate.

However, it was at one such event that a nobleman made a rash decision. Despite the orc guards that usually prevented such incidents in House Skelbrandt, a drunken high elf called Yelzeiros Summerbeam attempted to force himself onto the stage. Being sober and perceptive, Obsidian put him in his place with some well-placed spells and had him in tears. Yelzeiros was unwilling to take this sort of “unplaced abuse” lying down, so he swung his sword at her, slicing her leg. Her next spell had him floating 20ft in the air with his pantaloons on the floor. A message entered his mind saying, “How much more humiliation would you like… sir?”

Yelzeiros yelled out for the guards to arrest Obsidian, but they ignored him. As she finished her song, she dropped her spell, and he plummeted to the floor. Morfir Querinthrant, the party host and father of Yelzeiros, thanked everyone for attending and quietly said to Obsidian, “Thank you for showing my idiot son up. However, he will not forget this. There is a carriage outside for you with double payment. My apologies.”

As she departed with haste, Yelzeiros yelled out, “I will get you for this… you and your whole damn orchestra!”


The scar from Yelzeiros has never healed. While it is not a particularly large wound or scar, it has stubbornly refused to heal completely. Within 3 miles of high elves with alcohol problems, it throbs slightly.


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