Flowing Fridays – Temporal Washing Away

For some, it comes first; the smell of it

Petrichor erupts from the earth, no need for a permit

And dragonflies appear from nowhere

Some cultures say they are harbingers of rainwear

La Nina or El Nina, both indicate rain

For many, all they think about is McCain

Then clouds of grey roll in from afar

Creating a new environmental aura

Then the first drop falls

Out the parent calls

In the kids must come

Covered in mud and out of the scrum

Of the roiling storms in the sky

Dihydrogen oxide coming down from on high

At first it comes down in a pitter patter

If we’re lucky, it goes no larger than a blatter

However, it can be an enormous storm

With water becoming its own lifeform

The roiling waves sprint through the air

Making many pull at the laundry and swear

Traffic often slows to a crawl

In something as even as small as a squall

It does not matter if it is hot or cold

The change in weather can be something to behold

Umbrellas will often stand firm

But the wind can make many squirm

As poorly made roads fill with water

Raging to a drain like pigs to the slaughter

Overfilling and flooding

With many needing unplugging

Water and wind roil and roll

It’s reminiscent of a whale’s blowhole

Yet the air and the water is cleansing

Our surrounds feel nicer, pleasance dispensing

Pollution is washed away

The skies are no longer ash gray

As the storm dissipates

We talk to our mates

When the drops from the sky slow to a stop

And we shed our flip flops

Along with our wellington boots

And collect the fallen fruits

We watch the drying puddles

Which eliminates many troubles

And now we wait for the next storm.


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