World Braille Day and being a good person

You might ask why I decided to write about this topic, but it was this video that prompted it.

Well, not from this exact account, but the video behind the watermarks was the one I saw.

The effort made by the restaurant to provide the woman a special night was just wonderful and heart-warming.

It reminded me of the reactions of people who receive the Enchroma(R) Color Blind Glasses. There are so many videos of that online these days, but this is one great example.

It is also reminiscent of the videos of people having cochlear implants and hearing aids for the first time.

It’s often emotional but in a positive way.

Now, some people may accuse me of speaking ill of disabilities or the disabled, which is certainly not the case – or at least, not the intention. In my opinion, people are seeking to support people wherever possible.

A perfect example of this support is the “tactile feature” of banknotes. Canada pioneered the practice (as far as my reading online could ascertain) with Australia agreeing to introduce tactile banknotes from 2015 to 2020, finishing with the $100 note.

Am I making a point with this post?

Not really.

Actually… yes I am.

Be nice to people – help them where you can.


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