Monday Mysteries – Motchran Arthazar

Motchran Arthazar is a Level 8 Emerald Gem Dragonborn Path of the Beast Barbarian Far Traveler.

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Motchran Arhazar is the child of Kloric Eshpatys. He never knew who his father was but his dragonborn mother had always cared for him. His childhood name was Giggler, mainly for his inability to truly comprehend what was going on around him. It resulted in him being shy around others.

That all changed one fateful day. Motchran was sick of being bullied by others in Drakdale, and Deldradic Krivmash was up to his usual tricks of pushing everyone around. In a fit of rage, muscles popped out of Motchran’s arms and legs, before he struck Deldradic with the nearby corpse of a kobold. Everyone was stunned with the rage he displayed and Deldradic was within seconds of death before adults were able to pull the raging Motchran off him, two bloody legbones in his hands.

A council was quickly formed to decide what to do, while the clerics tended to Deldradic. It was decided that a veteran warrior in Vealmuuted Worseth would do his best to tame the beast within him. It took years for Motchran to be able to control his rage – some compared it to the way that animals would suddenly change.

Motchran took advantage of his emerald gem heritage to communicate telepathically with others. With some of the less intelligent members of Drakdale, he stirred up trouble. It was on one of these occasions when he got into more trouble than he accounted for, and the council demanded that he leave.


Motchran left Drakdale with his belongings and nowhere to go. He started off looking after himself in the woods – hunting and managing his own affairs. Several organizations tried to recruit him, but he rebuffed them all. Some tried more sinister methods, but they were dealt with in a terminal manner.

The Mercenaries of the Snake told Drakdale that they would never oppose them in the future, after Motchran dealt with an entire scout troop of Yuan-ti pure bloods. He now wears the Bracers of Defense that he looted from the group.


During his travels, he came across an adult sapphire dragon by the name of Krobiarabexux. Knowing his own heritage, Motchran did not claim dominion or seek to battle, but rather work with Krobiarabexux for a time. The sapphire dragon, intrigued by the opportunity, conceded to the opportunity, which saw Motchran slay a large lizardfolk community for Krobiarabexux.

Krobiarabexux was pleased with the offering, and gifted Motchran with the Greataxe of Certain Death. It had been taken from a warrior who had done battle centuries earlier, and Krobiarabexux felt that Motchran would do well with it in the future.


Motchran’s first use of the Greataxe of Certain Death was when he came to the ruins of a fire giant citadel. An elderly fire giant challenged him to battle and after an extensive fight, Motchran cleaved the giant’s head from its shoulder. Pleased with his kill, the giant’s hair was used to attach the head to his belt.

What he did not know that this was the fearsome leader Gralonturn of the Taergoria Citadel. While young fire giants like Oztorn and Hami have challenged him and come off second best, the message has been made clear to both parties – the hatred is mutual.


Motchran was taught by his mother to teach people with respect, if not kindness. While he does his best to do so, sometimes his anger takes over. He has also learned that stories have their own power and their own magic. Motchran believes in the power of each teller of a story, adding a little bit more to the spell of the story.


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