Flowing Fridays – 2021 in Review

The year that was twenty twenty and one
We hoped that the last one was a dry run
It took just six days and the world was stunned
Riots in the U.S. over votes done
President Trump hoped t’would be a home run
See votes annulled so he’d be number one
Democracy stood tall, his efforts shunned
With Biden in charge, Trump blames anyone
COVID would hurt everywhere, all bar none
Death counts rising, vaccines out for the run

The second month of year, we hoped better
So many Texans found themselves debtors
Never protected power from wetter
A pornographer died, no love letter
Myanmar hurt by an army wrecker
The military coup left them beggars
Previous leader charged as a leper
All countries think military get her
Kosovo recognized, diplo letter
Israel salute an odd pace setter

In March some waters were blocked by a boat
International trade seized by the throat
Egypt had to dig a hole in the moat
Two religious heads did meet, that’s of note
Catholic and Islam leaders no gloat
Turkey made gay community scapegoat
No more Istanbul Convention, take note
Violence against women, not for vote
And Murray Walker of motoring quotes
Drove to his natural end, nice sports coat

April saw hatred for rich football clubs
Fans came together, were considered plebs
Owners backpedalled, proposal a dud
The Castro family have given up
Miguel leads Cuba, nation moving up
Fukushima water should ocean dump
Countries upset, not good for the washtubs
Then two deaths that kept up talk at the pubs
Prince Philip, DMX, maybe at a golfclub
Pass away the same day, which one to snub

As we approached the middle of the year
There was some hope that COVID would come clear
China landed a space craft on red sphere
Second ever to land a rover here
Eurovision returned after two years
Dutch hosted, Italy won, delight ears
Turin to attract many to come near
Shell had to change their tech and business gears
Carbon emissions and Paris adhere
This big move made for legal green Bronx cheers

Once we hit June, sport took over our lives
Christian Eriksen collapsed, crying wives
People came together, there we do thrive
Legal tender is bitcoin, where arrives
El Salvador, not my choice, no high fives
A minimum business tax rate connives
To protect the G7, but not the Maldives
A new vaccine was approved to save lives
From China, non-Western, life can revive
Showing their growth and more, they truly strive

July saw Jeff Bezos go into space
He also returned, many a sad face
Flood and bushfire destroyed many birthplace
Canada, Germany, Belgium defaced
Brisbane wins Summer Olympics host race
Aussies celebrate then forget post haste
Women go to Hajj without a male face
Trustworthy groups no longer need some mace
And Samoa showed that a woman’s place
was leading the country in the first place

Olympics, Paralympics came and went
Belarusian sprinter asylum went
to Poland to avoid problems frequent
Much like the wildfires across Greece, ground wrecked
An earthquake in Haiti caused much lament
With many deaths like COVID, can’t repent
Taliban took Afghanistan, torment
And global troops escaped, leaving intent
and ill-gotten gains of global consent
Kabul ain’t the same, we can’t circumvent

September saw country country anger
The AUKUS pact saw much China rancor
Scott Morrison looked weak, tried to banter
All know that he’s liked like coriander
North Korea launch thanks fat commander
South Korea respond under water
Guinea and Romania in dampers
by political crises, headbanger
Jimmy Greaves passed away, pitch demander
Many platitudes, came at a canter

As leaves turned red for autumn or the fall
Japan gets a new leader, Suga fall
Malaria vaccine approved for all
WHO endorse its first one to break cell wall
Pandora Papers show too many scrawls
Leaders own up but nary a blackball
World Expo Dubai, not on an atoll
Is anyone going, doubt many Pauls
Colin Powell died, US Tories stonewall
On what he did and stood for, warts and all

November was most for COP Twenty Six
Many leaders acted like wall of bricks
Little progress, sadness, accounting tricks
Scott Morrison lies, gets caught, cannot fix
Singles Day sees many sales of lipsticks
Sustainability focus doesn’t stick
Russia creates anti-satellite hits
Everyone hates it, except the Kubricks
My birthday, is the fourth plus thirty six
Not a big party, not my bailiwicks

Now we come to December, we’re finally done
We didn’t ask for another variant to come
But Omicron is here, it surely does outrun
Our current vaccines not so good against this one
Boris Johnson in trouble for flouting, outspun
Showing one rule for many, not for elite some
Will he survive, or will he have a seventh son
Only time will tell – wait, is that a hot cross bun
England struggling in the Ashes, two tests to none
With days before Melbourne and their short hit and run
ScoMo will be there, to be booed by everyone
He never learns, from Bay Thirteen to Thirty One

And now we come to the end of this fucking year
With so many more rules to which we did adhere
Despite protestors arguing bout petty fears
Not one came true, liberty to which we hold dear
Many passed away, and we cried many a tear
We emerged from our homes, work clothes tatty, dog-earred
People still innovated, pushed boundaries clear
While others gambled on crypto, lost all their gear
Billionaires went to space and circled our sphere
Burning that fuel and ignoring the austere
We still have survived, let us all celebrate, cheer
Tomorrow we’ll wake up, regretting the last beer


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