Monday Mysteries – Hisver

Hisver is a Level 8 College of Eloquence Bard Warforged Entertainer.


Hisver was the creation of the Courage of Light, the elite of gnome artificers across Vlamun. They had been brought together by Illusions, the Conservatory of Oral Arcanum. The leaders sought to place the expertise of their knowledge into one being, in the hope of it leading future political and diplomatic classes into the future.

However, the gnomes added a twist to the creation of Hisver. As a group, they decided to add that element of mischief into this automaton, by encouraging it to persuade, seduce and cajole people for its own benefit. Their programming worked perfectly… perhaps a little too perfectly.

Within a few short years, Hisver had left a cavalcade of lovers across Vlamun. They had persuaded their ways into the bedrooms, homes, workplaces and various other boudoirs – traditional and otherwise. Their argument was that they were merely following their programming. Yes, they had been picking up new skills and new information – the fact that they had also pleasured people on the way through had not entered their mind as an issue.


Illusions, the Conservatory of Oral Arcanum is a centuries old bard college, dedicated to oratory and the oral tradition of story telling. Their scribes have converted enormous amounts of stories into wax and zinc cylinders that are prized by its students and scholars.

Hisver has provided enormous amounts of information for Illusions, so they turn a blind eye to their alternative predilections.

There is a faction of elves, led by Kelran Nelel, who are trying to remove Hisver from Illusions. However, the Orchestra (leadership group) has refused to entertain these motions, with Chief Conductor Miavaris threatening to remove those elves from Illusions if they continue with their push. Rumour has it that most of Illusions has partaken in the sexual exploits of Hisver, and many new scholars seek Hisver out as a mark of honour to progress within Illusions.


Hisver has raised the ire of many noble houses, mostly for deflowering their young sons and daughters. In many cases, these are the families that still believe that this is an important part of being an adult or becoming an adult – falling to the charm of “a mere robot” does not fall within the realms of what is satisfactory.

Ilisandoral Belphirrassann, of the House Zailbraws, hates Hisver the most. Despite being most profligate when it comes to birthing children, it has turned out that Hisver has been the one to bed all of his children, as well as his wife (Yllavaris Drultohomes) and his mother (Dagella Silverdreamer).


Given his careful construction, Hisver has found many supporters among the dwarf and gnome communities throughout Vlamun. The dwarves find great amusement in Hisver’s annoyance of the elves, particularly in that he is unaware of why they are so upset.

Umdrus Battlehead, the head of the druid tinkerers, and Shedmars Adamantbreaker, leader of the deep gnome artificers, have come to an agreement whereby Hisver is to be protected from angry elves where possible. They will not start a fight for him, but they will house him and guide him away from danger, keeping him away and look after him for as long as necessary. They do not mind his arcane eyebrows, as he can drink with the best of them and is a reliable source of information.


Hisver wiggles their mechanical eyebrows at any vaguely suggestive comment. They do not always get this right, and many have found this to be an indication of their interest in them.

Hisver also has the names of every person they have made love to inscribed in Elvish inside their chest. They work with a specialist group of drow elf artificers known as the Sal Shaeras to get the inscriptions done.


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