Flowing Fridays – An Australian Christmas

As the kookaburras laugh in the early morn
my brow wet, sheets pushed aside, body unadorn
my eyes flutter open, the air already warm
As I remember it’s time to hang with youngborn

At the end of my bed is a stocking that’s full
Harking back to traditions when I was youthful
Reaching forward, I find candies by the handful
And trinkets and memorabilia bagful

Tis early morn, the sun is already sky high
There is no more time to stay in the bed and lie
It is too hot for there, I get up and comply
With the many day’s needs, I am not the bad guy

As I descend the stairs for egg and ham breakfast
Eggy yolks on ham soak onto buttered toast raft
Dishes put away and the house is cleaned on blast
More mess will be made by the gift enthusiasts

Come late morning, my nieces and nephews arrive
People in the house increase to nine from just five
The kids see the presents and their eyes come alive
The bright wrapping paper ripped open without glaive

The screams of young children is a kind of delight
If I was younger, my hangover would hard bite
But now I sit and watch the gift paper take flight
As the squeals of glee do not quell my appetite

When lunchtime does approach, the champagne corks do pop
The adults sip on their flutes while kids play and bop
Before long, we are seated around a flat top
With music in background, sadly no Hoods Hilltop

The table groans heavy with cold meat and seafood
Delicious collection makes for good Insta viewed
This is not a time for lots and lots of health food
Now pass me the prawns, here’s plenty of gratitude

Of course, we cannot miss traditional crackers
Our family are not fans of big nutcrackers
But we love to go with the bad jokes and snackers
And of course, the paper crowns are not for slackers

As we fill our bellies, the conversation slows
Our belts do groan, while expanding our comfy clothes
We must leave room for dessert, before we go doze
Slowly family leave, not wanting to impose

Some of the kids want to swim, it’s time for a dip
The adults join them poolside, their cold glasses drip
They jump in and out, being careful not to slip
Great way to burn energy, before their home trip

As day turns to the night, leftovers are consumed
Toasted sandwiches good way food to be inhumed
As the bright moon does rise, my sleep must be resumed
Next year we go again, enjoy Christmas full-bloomed


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