Monday Mysteries – Enriden

Enriden is a Level 8 Protector Aasimar Celestial Warlock Sage


Enriden is the teenage daughter of deva Dannahn & angel Anahita. From a young age, they encouraged her studies into the arcane.

The death of her eldest and only brother Bylgalunt saw Dannahn and Anahita circle around Enriden. His fighting at the hands of a group of illithid led by mind flayer arcanist Veluzaye occurred during an incursion into the Elemental Planes. Both Dannahn and Anahita decided that Enriden should not be allowed to depart Arcadia – it was clearly safer for her to stay within the Upper Planes.

However, Enriden had the wanderlust. She wanted to learn as much as possible from as many different sources as possible. She believed that wandering the Material Plane would provide her with the answers to her many questions. After years of pestering, Dannahn and Anahita agreed… and would be her patrons throughout her journey in life. They believed that this would be the safest option for her, and would ensure that she would be protected throughout.


Dannahn and Anahita have been protecting her from afar as her patron. They have done their best to guide her through her studies, as much as two overbearing patrons can.

In looking for someone with a different point of view that they could work with, Dannahn and Anahita found Sedathel, a Shadar-kai elf seeking to move away from their past. Their studious endeavours matched the ideals of Dannahn and Anahita, while they were different enough for Enriden to enjoy the company of.

Enriden also made friends with Khololk, a Kalashtar who had intense control of her psyche. Such control was something that Enriden sought to move past the control of her parents, but has not been able to achieve. Enriden, Sedathel and Khololk became an inseparable trio in their studies – studious yet rambunctious, without causing significant trouble.


Following the death of Veluzaye, the Great Mother of the Abyss has called for the death of all relatives of Bylgalunt for eighteen generations in both directions. This alliance between illithid and beholders was unexpected at the time, and did not last. However, the Great Mother is known for holding grudges and her cultists have tried their best to cause problems for the Plane of Arcadia and their temples.

One group of cultists, led by duergar Hurman Shadowdrum, has been harrowing the temples of Arcadia to kill Enriden. One such battle saw one of her blue eyes turn green and unable to shift back.


To continue her studies, Enriden spent time studying within the temples of Arcadia. She has picked up a significant amount of arcane knowledge for a young woman, while developing an excellent relationship with several of the older sages.

One such sage was Nethlypsis Nowhere, a vibrant yellow genderfluid tiefling that welcomed her into her first temple. Nethlypsis showed Enriden the importance of excess in moderation – it’s okay to go overboard on occasion, as long as there is a specific goal in mind. Nethlypsis was also a very wise cleric of Arcadia, advising Enriden on her studies.

Her research skills are excellent, and is continuing to support other research throughout the temples.


Despite her bookish and lecturing style, Enriden has become horny for knowledge and is not afraid to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants. When feminine wiles do not work for her, Enriden has occasionally blasted her way through those opposing her.

Enriden found herself becoming absorbed in the arts in her spare time. She has become an amateur puppeteer, reflecting on her feelings of her parents controlling her.


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