Flowing Fridays – My Place in the Sun

For many Australians, the calendar denotes
when the football is ending, and the sun is afloat
In October, the Sherrin and Steeden anecdotes
are swapped for the willow, the leather and sunscreen coats

As daylight savings time makes its mark on the east coast
Many plans are made to travel far to the seacoast
While barbecues become used for the perfect lamb roast
And people dress cocktail in hopes of a winning post

Floral bikinis, bermuda shorts and sun glasses
These are the markers of all of the social classes
Some travel afar, gripping hard their boarding passes
But some walk down the road, seeking some cold beer glasses

An Aussie summer can also be fiery, deadly
We accept the challenge as a dangerous medley
coming from land, sea, and sky, most of them directly
Because we work together, we are mostly friendly

We treasure the chance to feast altogether outdoors
A picnic on the beach, in the park or the foreshore
Cuisines across the world, from vegans to carnivores
Just take care to keep meat away from the labradors

As the sun sets on what so many people call home
We enjoy the gentle chatter as we sit on loam
Or we might be relaxing poolside with honeycomb
While discussing inanities far from mozzie drone

It matters not your colour or country you are from
Because once you are here, you are considered a chum
It is not hard to become an Australian alum
Besides the damn paperwork, which can make you feel numb

We’ve welcomed people to our country from near and far
From the UK to US, Mexico to Myanmar
Everyone has helped this nation under Southern Star
And will continue making a country to admire

While our history may not be pretty as some want
We cannot deny that the white treatment of some daunts
Indigenous heritage is important to flaunt
As part of our national history and storefront

Some might ask why bring that up when talking bout summer
They might say that it feels like a hell of a bummer
But we need to look down in the depths like a plumber
If we want to start healing, feel like a newcomer

As the clinking of glasses echoes late into night
and citronella candles leave dim flickering light
Pavlovas are devoured, every whipped bit of egg white
Young stars sing Christmas carols, basking in the lime light

Families come together, hugs are so aplenty
In some cases, people not seen each in years twenty
Young babies shared around, the champagne bottles empty
Teenagers trying ever so hard to be trendy

And next year we are all going to do it again
The gatherings, the sunburn, delicious dishes main
Because this is about supporting our kin and bairn
For what would summer be without emotional gain


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