Monday Mysteries – Flopsy Mopsy

Flopsy Mopsy – Level 10 Urban Bounty Hunter Assassin Owlin Rogue


Flopsy Mopsy does not know how she came to be. What she does know is that at some point in the past, she was an inanimate object, the stuffed toy of a high-elf called Veming, who would become Daephine Vethe, from the city of Caren Entheas Onyferius.

Flopsy Mopsy was discarded once Veming was given her elf name, as her clan took all remnants of her childhood away from her. Flopsy Mopsy was among the many elements of Veming’s past that was thrown away, with Flopsy Mopsy bouncing into the nearby river.

After an unknown period of time, Faryvas Messymane (a satyr bard) came across the broken body of Flopsy Mopsy. Faryvas took it back to the Messymane clan, showing it to cleric Konnili Messymane. She was known for her knowledge of mending and her fey skills, as well as her previous skills as a tailor.

Konnili sewed Flopsy Mopsy back together, where Flopsy Mopsy breathed her first breath and grew in size. As Flopsy Mopsy stepped away from Konnili, Konnili’s eyes widened in surprise. This was not what was supposed to happen. Her sharp intake of shock attracted the attention of the whole Messymane clan, and all of them looked to see this owl looking back at them.

Flopsy Mopsy was experiencing so many feelings for the first time. She had never felt… ANYTHING before, and now she was experiencing everything for the first time. Flopsy Mopsy was somehow familiar with all these feelings and emotions, even though she had never experienced them before. She stood before the satyrs, everyone standing uncertainly and not knowing what to do.

Konnili decided to speak to Flopsy Mopsy. “My name is Konnili.” Flopsy Mopsy responded, “My name is Flopsy Mopsy.” Now that the conversation had started, the clan treated her carefully. They felt that she would not hurt them, but they did not know how to deal with them. The same feelings were felt by Flopsy Mopsy, on top of all the other experiences she was dealing with.

Following one month of them living together, Konnili introduced Flopsy Mopsy to Zentevon, the divination wizard of the clan. He said that if she was willing, he would try and look into her past to try and help her learn what had happened to her. He admitted that given her unusual arrival to the clan, he could not guarantee what he could see. However, he knew that he would not physically hurt her in the process.

Flopsy Mopsy agreed to this. Zentevon brought over some younger satyrs to cast additional spells that would assist in this task. After about 15 minutes of spell-casting, Zentevon and his scholars came together to tell Flopsy Mopsy that she had been discarded by Veming, a high-elf now known as Daephine Vethe. Daephine is a successful hunter in the Material Plane, operating primarily out of the city of Udraiwell, where she lives within the elven enclave of Inyel Ennore. They also told her that she was originally a stuffed toy, and that they had no idea how she had become real. Even other planes were confused as to how it had occurred.

On discovering that she was discarded like a piece of rubbish, with no consideration for her value, Flopsy Mopsy decided that she would make it her mission to hunt down every last high-elf from Caren Entheas Onyferius.

While the Messymane satyrs were full of joy, they were not afraid of a scrap. However, they also knew that Flopsy Mopsy needed much help in her task. Her wings were obscenely quiet and many a satyr had been startled by her silent arrival from hunting for food. She had also proved herself to be adept with daggers, throwing them with deadly accuracy from perches that few of the Messymane clan would dare to consider.

The leader of the clan, Timos, reached out to his friends in the Material Plane. It was first the wilden, Purrenkas that responded. He connected Timos to a traveling minstrel, Veil of a Mask (Veil) from The Cleansing Forests Clan. Purrenkas had heard that Veil had skills in the area that Flopsy Mopsy wanted to improve in, and could be available for that.


Veil of a Mask (Veil) from The Cleansing Forests Clan took Flopsy Mopsy under his wing and taught her all about how to stalk pray through the urban landscape. Flopsy Mopsy took to the training with glee, and as she improved, the two of them became an incredible team, acquiring all sorts of magic items and killing people without leaving a trace.

Eventually, it was time for the two of them to go their separate paths. They agreed that they would never knowingly work against each other.

Flopsy Mopsy has generally maintained positive relationships with other flying races, regardless of their positions in society. They tend to drink at the Golden Tree, where Flopsy Mopsy has a table that she shares with Aarakocran soldier Qlaiarack, air genasi cleric Faurgar Chergoba, winged tiefling barbarian Horror Murnyethara and kenku druid Slicer. The Golden Tree is owned by the Flame Ravenclaws, where information is a more valuable currency than coin.


Flopsy Mopsy spent some time with the Ebony Phantom Squad, but parted after several gang members were arrested for an unlicensed counterfeiting job that saw Lady Selina Bhoma demand a response from the police. They do not know that she was responsible for it, and she ensured that they would be jailed for screwing her and Veil over on an extortion job on Lord Lonneth Gloomshade years earlier.

Since then, she spent time undercover with the Renegade Nexus, a musical trio in which she played the drums badly. They tended to perform in less than reputable venues, where Flopsy Mopsy picked up information from colleagues in the industry. It was a convenient front for her.

The Flame Ravenclaws are one of the largest criminal organizations in the region, and are generally made up of flying races. Their membership is highly fluid, and do not always require fees or tithes. However, the transfer of information between members and their branches is highly prized. The Flame Ravenclaws have praised Flopsy Mopsy for what she has learned, and the organization has worked to keep her safe from others. Its subordinate organizations have done much to quell any attempts on her life.


Veming, a high-elf now known as Daephine Vethe. Daephine is a successful hunter in the Material Plane, operating primarily out of the city of Udraiwell, where she lives within the elven enclave of Inyel Ennore. This is Flopsy Mopsy’s former owner, who discarded her when she took her adult elf name. Daephine is not aware of Flopsy Mopsy’s enmity towards her.

Flopsy Mopsy has made a point of tricking many elves out of their money through her expertise in playing cards at various games. There is rumour that the half-elf noble family Siphamaci are keen to have Flopsy Mopsy removed from the city for continuing to trick their son, Barvalor, out of his income. Barvalor has attempted, many times, to have Flopsy Mopsy “dealt with,” but many aspects of the underworld have supported her work.


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