Flowing Fridays – Moral Failings

As the world moves on from COVID depression,
The globe reeling from the viral recession,
At the same time some nations are rising,
their economies growing, no health compromising
Yet I look to the country I have always called home
And there are moral problems in the politic dome
How can we ever hope for society to achieve
If our leaders give us nothing in which to believe?

The treatment of women is simple abhorrent
Yet the accused’s behaviour don’t deserve an arrest warrant
Forgery, rape, sexual assault, just a few of the alleged crimes
Even corruption isn’t prime for considering hard times
There seems to be no point in forcing an investigation
It’s more like to be sent for immediate cremation
The numbers are such that losing one is too many
Being without morals, one thing, out of government, plenty

The latest reshuffle is like putting lipstick on a pig
It does not disguise the problems on a sinking oil rig
No responsibility is taken, more rights forsaken
But when the plaudits be makin’, they’re there for the bacon
It does matter not if you cannot hold a hose
You must look like a leader, no matter the clothes
When your moniker includes the phrase “From Marketing,”
Every Aussie knows how deep that cut really stings

And to lean on your wife and kids for moral guidance
Leaves you looking bereft of empathy, like a desert island
We all know we can’t have our cake and eat it too
The way you act makes many think over your head this class flew
Your colleagues are accused of acts worthy of being fired
Yet your second chances scream double standards, corporately uninspired
Businesses across the land say it’s not the done thing
But your love affair with Murdoch means his song you doth sing

Now you are left along, swinging in the breeze
Losing men and women who think you’re a sleaze
For allowing this behaviour to continue on your watch
They don’t believe your inquiries, not the Cartier gold clocks
The youth members are Nazis, pushing extremist views
The further right you move, the less votes you will accrue
The party is on the nose, despite your COVID efforts
Because you pushed it to the states, they’re now viewed as the experts

This is the time you could stand up, you could be a leader
Make an epic captain’s call, get rid of all the bleeders
Carve out problematic people, stand up for what is right
Remember what made Australia, through many years of right
We have worked together as a country, a rainbow coalition,
Australian skin is every colour, from white to black in every composition
It matters not their sexual preference because they are Australian
So stand up for your country and understand the occasion.


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