Monday Mysteries – Belthran

Belthran – Level 8 Twilight Domain Outlander Lizardfolk Cleric

This image may be of a dragonborn, but it’s really cool and I like it!


Belthran was born to Tuthich and Jhaska, who abandoned him at birth outside the forest temple to Celestian. He was found by Shedroor, a hobgoblin cleric who was returning from her patrols and found the writhing lizardfolk on the doorstep of the temple.

While tempted to kill it for food, she found a series of draconic runes scratched into the dirt nearby. They provided Belthran’s name and their fear that they could not properly raise him. They hoped that this temple could do a better job than they could… as they would die shortly.

Rolling her eyes, Shedroor brought the lizardfolk into the temple, where Belthran was taught for many years. He was hard to manage at first. With the help of kobolds called Ratra, Nass and Geblo, Belthran started to garner an understanding of their teachings.

Other than the three kobolds, Belthran had no other friends. He dedicated himself to his religious studies, understanding the importance of the teachings of Celestian and how that married with his instincts around life outside the temple.

He was regularly sent out to hunt down food and to kill the worst of the unbelievers. While followers of Celestian are generally appreciated around the world, those that blaspheme religion in general rather than being quiet were to be punished. Several did not realize that a mace to the head can be exceptionally painful.

Before long, it was time for Belthran to make his own way in the world. The satyr leader, Zoi Quickfoot rewarded Belthran on his 30th birthday with a sentinel shield and adamantine plate armor. She wished him all the best, and hoped that he would keep up his prayers going forward. Zoi also asked that Belthran continue to visit Celestian temples wherever possible, to make regular donations.



Not long after leaving the temple of Celestian, Belthran was struggling with himself. Had he made the right decision? As he continued to walk through the forest, the night sky lit up with a pair of falling red stars, both heading in the same direction that he was going. Such a sign could not be ignored, and Belthran quickened his pace. This could surely be an omen from Celestian. Half a day later, he found a field with the symbol of Celestian burnt into it. He knew he was on the right path and continued happily onward.


During Belthran’s career, he was tasked with hunting down Rendar, a Dimir Operative who was known for acquiring high-quality pieces of art from cities. On hunting the half-orc down, Belthran discovered that Rendar was servicing a debt to a dragon, and deliberately stealing artworks from those who had acquired these masterpieces illegally.

Belthran could see the benefit of taking this unusual approach. When talking with Rendar, Belthran revealed that he was sent by the same person that Rendar had most recently stolen from. Rendar smiled, and offered a deal. He knew where some half-orcs had died recently, and would provide a head if Belthran would allow him to continue his business.

Belthran agreed to this deal, and Rendar took him to the scene of the fight. In reviewing the battle, Belthran found a half-orc head most like that of Rendar. Rendar promised that his Guild, The Guild of the Bronze Growlers, would protect him wherever they could. albeit quietly.

Belthran returned to the city, slinging the head onto the desk of Beiceran Summerpath. He received his payment and left the room, saying nothing and leaving the city.


Early in his wanderings, Belthran had a run in with Dallid, a pirate death domain cleric. Dallid attempted to steal the adamantine armor and sentinel shield from Belthran. On failing, Dallid lashed out – striking Belthran across the face with a book. Instead of a bruise, a series of dark scars were left around Belthran’s right eye that have never faded.

“Snake” Rumbling River, a young tabaxi archaeologist, became obsessed with the sentinel shield. In an attempt to study it, Snake tried to poison Belthran during an evening meal. Belthran shrugged off the attempt and struck Snake with his mace, breaking the young rogue’s fingers. Snake cursed the cleric, and swore that he would get his revenge.


The temple of Celestian where Belthran was raised was in a darkened area of forest, where dusk felt nearly permanent. A collection of ramshackle huts, tents and shacks were centered around an enormous clearing where the stars shone through clearly. Nightly prayers started at sunset and ended when the moon was full over the clearing.

Belthran has not dealt significantly with the Guild of the Bronze Growlers. Chancellor Coralie Fandus the Invulnerable, a renowned critic of the fine arts, is their patron and uses the Bronze Growlers to get real art to those that will truly treasure it. While Belthran does not truly understand Coralie’s grand purpose, he understands money, and to him, that is all that matters.


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