Flowing Fridays – Rebirth

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
We have struggled hard, faces black, ashen
Surrounded by illness and misery
Millions pass with terminal injury

Our landscapes scarred with death and destruction
People, fauna, trees, felled in a ruction
Coronavirus, floods, and disasters
Destroying livelihoods, no laughter

Insurrection and inauguration
Global infection and vaccination
Is a global reckoning upon us?
Right wing populists looking awful suss

Like our ancestors from the ancient past
The enormous wisdom they have amassed
History repeats in different ways
Cyclical nature of the past ablaze

While fire is destructive in many ways
Life returns after every fiery blaze
For me, twenty-twenty was like a fire
Mostly without anything to inspire

Through all this incredible hurt and pain
Happiness will eventually reign
Tears of joy to replace those of sadness
As we return from this bizarre madness

Left listless, with negative emotions
I was bereft of viable options
My savior was a previous partner
David showed me here to this safe harbor

You have all welcomed me into your fold
Every team member, delights to behold
Other stresses have just melted away
Joining you all is like a meal gourmet

So we move into the year of the ox
We want bigger red packets, maybe red box!
Our lives will be better, vaccines coming
Elderly safer, more sales forthcoming

In twenty twenty one, go treat yourself
Don’t hide on an emotional ice shelf
Look after your wellbeing and your needs
Don’t get stuck in the mental widow’s weeds

Everyone here is loved by another
Whether brother, father, sister, mother
You never know when you will need your friends
As they should know whence your pain, anguish stems

Spend time with your extended family
Even when they offend casually
Share your love with your family and friends
Tis the time to make filial amends

In closing this piece, I ask you to think
Sipping on your lovely fire pink fruit drink
Think positively about your futures
Look all around you like the owl, hooters

Reach out to one another, go support
Others, in their times of need, try to thwart
I ask you all to raise your cup or glass
Toast twenty twenty one being first class
Xin Nian kuai le


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