Monday Mysteries – Stoddumkk

Stoddumkk – A Level 10 Mercenary Veteran Bugbear Champion Fighter


Stoddumkk was found outside Elden Citadel. He has no idea who his parents are, and was raised by military figures within Elden Citadel. Living a modest lifestyle, he has no ideas about the existence of any siblings but made a couple of friends among his fellow soldiers.

Bune Amblecrown was the top of the Assassins class, so she shared her vicious skill set with Stoddumkk. Even as a tiefling, she would not normally associate with a bugbear, but she could sense something different in this furry child. His other friend was Aial, an Aarakocran barbarian that would fight as well as Stoddumkk could.

After years of service at Elden Citadel, he sought to make his own name in a larger city. While Stoddumkk was known as part of a soldiering unit, he wanted to find income in his own right. Over the years, he fell in with various groups of mercenaries and established himself as a fearsome fighter. At any opportunity to slay goblins, he would take the chance, and he was known for keeping gnomes safe.


Throughout his years as a mercenary, he has cut his teeth in many an organization. Having been brought up within the ranks of the Elden Citadel, he was quickly schooled in military traditions. While they were sad to see him go, they knew that they would continue to see him in the future.

The Outcasts of the Clean were the first to take him in. They admired his martial skills and for a few short years, he worked his way into the middle of the organization. However, a coup led by Jade in the Morning, a tabaxi assassin, saw the Outcasts fall apart. While Stoddumkk was the one to cleave Jade in two, he continued on to find a new group.

His anger saw him join the Rage of Impurity, a quasi-religious order that claimed to follow the instructions of the gods of War. This was something that Stoddumkk could understand, but before long, he found that many of the group were actually followers of Bhaal, the god of murder. He could not countenance such a following. His departure was swift, and some members still hold a grudge against him.

The Joyful Vanguard was one of the better groups he joined. Their military background, led by Ilikan “Long-leaper” Gathakanathi saw the group earn significant loot and coin in their travels. Stoddumkk became recognized as a true fighter, and received a Dread Helm for his efforts. It was also through this group that he lost his friend Sparklegem. His eventual departure from the group was amicable, and Ilikan “Long-leaper” Gathakanathi actually recommended him to the head of the Scourge Alliance.

It was unusual for the Scourge Alliance to receive recommendations – particularly for a Scourge Aasimar like Kaina Chaffton. However, she found that Stoddumkk’s physical presence and capabilities were just what she needed to support her mental skill set as a diplomat. While Stoddumkk failed to learn anything on the mental side, he was praised by all members for his martial skills and his willingness to get the first strike in.

Kaina Chaffton spoke to Baron Soot Arril, a fire genasi noble in the city. They had a long connection going back decades and their families had known each other for centuries. Kaina pointed out that Stoddumkk could do well in her order, The Courage of the Honoured. While obviously neither woman officially recognized the order as belonging to Soot Arril, it was an open secret that she controlled it.

Baron Soot Arril took one look at the fearsome bugbear and agreed. She kitted him out in the finest of adamatine armor and welcomed him into the Courage of the Honoured. He has reached the rank of lieutenant and has joined 7 others in this position.


Defeating the goblin troupe was at the request of Francis Cloudfang, the 53 year minister of state affairs. He was unwilling to send many soldiers to deal with this issue at the time, but on finding out about the death of Sparklegem, he realized the error of this issue. He gifted Stoddumkk a Hellfire Halberd, on the understanding that anyone who dared trepass upon Stoddumkk’s life do so risking their own lives.

One mercenary organization called the Joyful Vanguard rewarded Stoddumkk with a Dread Helm. During his time with them, the combination of the Dread Helm and the Hellfire Halberd scared the hell out of the troop of humans, so the goliath leader, Ilikan “Long-leaper” Gathakanathi, gifted him the Dread Helm.

Stoddumkk has developed a reputation for treating his fellow mercenaries with honor. He will not kill a fellow mercenary if they are not attacking him. While he is not the brightest mercenary, he is deemed to be good company and an excellent warrior.


Myathethil Callan (female Half-Elf) is an unusually fat woman, with her bulbous nose being the source of abuse. She was unwilling to learn about new people or races, and this is why she grew angry with Stoddumkk. Abusing him with a series of racist taunts in Elvish, she stalked off from him after he asked her some questions. However, on her departure, she conjured up some elven daggers and slashed him across the face, leaving with deep scars across both eyes. While he was able to heal the damage to his eyes, the scars still remain.

Stoddumkk also lost one of his friends in a battle against a goblin troupe. A goblin bard blinded many of his colleagues, including gnome bard Meena Enidda Pyntle Ellyjoybell Nyx Roywyn Ranala “Sparklegem” Oomtrowl. She stumbled off a high cliff and died instantly. In revenge, Stoddumkk cleaved the goblin bard in two, before slicing the goblin chieftain’s head from its soldiers. As a result, he hates goblins with a passion, and had Sparklegem’s name tattooed on his back. His hair has grown over it.


Stoddumkk once had a run-in with Arelel Maerethar, a 149 year old female wood elf knight. Her bald head and black eyes were offset by her fiery attacks, and both took each other with great ferocity. At the end of the battle, with both of them on the edge of death, they were pulled apart and their weapons taken from their hands.

Panting hard and blood dripping from their armor. Arelel acknowledged that Stoddumkk was one of the best bugbear warriors she had ever faced. He was welcome to visit her in Fylf Themar. He nodded and offered his hand. While they shook hands, Arelel tried to roll Stoddumkk over her shoulder but he anticipated this move. He moved around to prevent the move and used his spare hand to grab her shoulder.

He said, “You are a fantastic warrior. Let us leave this here, evenly matched. Another day, we can fight each other to death.” He let go, stepped back facing her and said, “Thank you for an excellent battle. I look forward to another one!” Stoddumkk picked up his weapons and returned to his troops.


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