Flowing Fridays – Potential Positivity

If you are told, may you live in interesting times
You’ve been cursed badly, crossed far too many a line
While many say that they seek an exciting life
What we actually crave is a lack of strife
It might not be boredom, but more stability
It opens our eyes to possibility
While we all take a different view on this point,
No one desires, wants to live a life disjoint
From the vicissitudes of harsh reality
We speak not in idioms or hyperbole
But be quiet and keep telling our story
Not every journey is an allegory
Nor every note an opus or odyssey
Yet we can still carve out our philosophy
Every person has their own place in the world
Sometimes that one location is not yet unfurled
It is hidden away until the perfect time
Trust me, in 2020, I’d like to find mine!
Despite the dumpster fire of this dreadful year
You are of value, even if it looks severe
Please do persevere in all your daily struggles
People do support you, they may offer snuggles
I know its hard in this year of 2020
To think well in this year, misery aplenty
But by encouraging and the understanding
Our emotional, mental needs, expanding
Our knowledge for our fellow persons needs
For our unconditional love supercedes
Cultural barriers that would otherwise hold
Back the communication between the untold
Millions of miserable and unheard people
Living cheek by jowl, who only want the freedom
From their mental and emotional baggage to
Feel free once again, and not to be tarnished blue
Help your friends, family and colleagues out, just ask
Are you okay? How are you feeling? Their face mask
May not drop at first glance, but the fact that you care
Is essential, so look out for those you’re aware
Thank you for reading this poetic piece of mine
I wrote it after talking to people online
I fear that many don’t get the help that they need
And just a little more love might help us succeed
So please reach out to your loved ones, check in with them
With all working together, we will overcome


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