Flowing Fridays – What value is worth?

NOTE: This poem was written in August or September 2020. I was struggling with my mental and emotional health, feeling lonely even if I was not alone.

What worth is value, what value is worth?
Can it be measured, something held in dearth
In the pursuit of their life goals and yet
We seek mental, emotional outlet
That allows for development of self
In worlds bereft of supporting bookshelf
We look inside ourselves to find it
Being unknowing for what it will fit
With that in mind, we are lost, our soul
Searching for meaning, try fill our bowl
With the so-called comforting chicken soup
Its espoused from your unwitting peer group
Who gullibly disperse celebrity
Fodder, thinking it’s faithful charity
Yet this crap tat helps no person at all
Our sadness makes us want to cry, fall
The pain is numbing, no nerves jangling
Yet we front a facade, stars are spangling
We can’t be seen as saying we’re worthless
Even if internally we’re mirthless
So we pretend and we laugh and we smile
Like that Scottish band, for five hundred mile
With the pain welling up in our chest
That we hide at our knowing behest
For bringing to another’s attention
Would bring about undue apprehension
For our friendship, socialization
When we need more, more communication
Tis only when the trusted few reach out
Family, friend, not the ones who do pout
That these barriers do crumble and fall
And the tears flow like a bleak waterfall
As these are ones that seek to understand
No judgment, answers, no aim to remand
They are there for you, fighting hidden pain
Wanting to help you beat a vicious bane
On your life that serves no patent purpose
Except perhaps, wanting to usurp us
From our souls, Machiavellian
Hiding plain sight like a chameleon
So our support networks created
Helping, know when we are agitated
Never intruding, always there for us
We rely on these groups, not superfluous
They always pitch in, never needing thanks
Knowing they have helped you from snowy banks
Of misery, despair, isolation
That is their plenty remuneration
While you may not value your worth right now
Theres no need to drown sorrows in Tsingtao
Keep your head held high, seek out another
Ask for their help, just like your Earth Mother


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