Monday Mysteries – Zogton Sunclaw

Zogton Sunclaw – Level 10 Noble Leonin Battle Master Fighter


Zogton Sunclaw was born in the home of Healer Ofor to his loving parents, Prerion Solarstride and Olage Lunardrifter. Zola Starwind was born just minutes earlier than Zogton. They all lived in Burmstone Fortress, where they ruled over the northern portion of the Dosules Kingdom.

Prerion and Olage were the primary caregivers, but many figures throughout Burmstone also instructed Zogton and Zola. Both enjoyed their classes under the Aarakocran warrior Kuaquik and the Bugbear sergeant Durgalk. Zola found herself more inclined towards religious pursuits, studying under the Loxodon clerics Kagoros and Bejorozh.

On the other hand, Zogton tried his best at using his words. The elven bard Nerixina Moonstar and the satyr jester Kelaron supported these attempts. Still, he did not get very far with this. What did not go unnoticed was his excellence on the battlefield. Centaur captain Hodhat Sunspell and Orc colonel Agvug Moon Smasher found him a brilliant warrior, displaying honor where necessary.

Through his schooling, he found a few close friends across different races. These friends included white dragonborn Ammosh “Sunmuncher” Calukris, Ranwynn Strolbrihack the hill dwarf, Sholvred Crunch the hobgoblin, Noomi Vigilhoof the minotaur, Silkom the tortle, and Wraeglesh the verdant. Zogton was not one to make enemies among his classmates, but he took the time to trust others.

With all that said, his heart was first opened up to Sahechu Ovakava. She was a human archer who excelled in many of the classes that he did and once commented on his luscious hair. She would often run her long fingers through his mane in breaks between classes, massaging his scalp and eliciting soft moans of pleasure from him. While he felt that she had similar feelings for him, he could never pursue this further into his teenage and adult years. Sachechu and her family were sent to Summerswind Hold as part of an invasion from the Keleotis Empire. Since then, Zogton has never seen Sahechu.

Formative Years – Tragedy

Zogton has suffered as an adult. Word from Summerswind Hold was the Ovakava family disappeared following an incursion by elite Kalashtar soldiers from the Keleotis Empire. Zogton lives in the hope that Sahechu still lives, whether imprisoned or in the wilds. He also lost Sholvred Crunch, the hobgoblin, during a battle against the uprising Abyss Territory. Sholvred Crunch led a line of fellow hobgoblins before a lizardfolk commander cleaved his head in two. Zogton avenged his death by plunging his sword through the lizardfolk’s chest, but his friend could not be saved.

The increased rebellions in the northern sections of the Dosules Kingdom saw his family fall in respect across the Kingdom. Despite their best efforts, groups across the north fringes continued to harry their forces, kill tax collectors and burn crops. Prerion and Olage have long struggled to solve the problem, with these groups having no clear identity that unifies them.

Formative Years – Supernatural Experience

Zogton never enjoyed his religion classes. He accepted their existence but would not take part in their games. He assumed that they were not interested in what he was doing and that they had more significant issues to deal with or didn’t care about what happened.

Loxodon clerics Kagoros and Bejorozh struggled to get through to him. He attended the classes, and he could respond with answers. Still, they were unable to get him convinced into theology itself. It was a considerable irritant for them, but other teachers were doing well with him. It was Elurir Aldaviel, the half-elf wizard, who sought to assist Kagoros and Bejorozh. His short grey hair and green eyes had always kept Zogton interested in the classes, but he was never magically inclined. Elurir had accepted that, as he knew that not all his students were not destined to study the arcane. However, Zogton’s interest in the class and willingness to ask questions meant that Elurir was willing to support his fellow educators.

Elurir snuck into the back of a religious class and cast Modify Memory on Zogton. With no idea of the spell being cast on him, Zogton suddenly remembered the trips through the Astral Plane, experiencing interactions with Kereska, and once being given the strength to wrestle a Nalfeshnee into submission. He knew that these could have only happened at the will of the gods and would accept that they would occasionally get involved in his life. Zogton began to be more active in his religious classes while still not excelling any further. Both Kagoros and Bejorozh laughed with Elurir at his spell but thanked him for his help.

Routines and Secrets

Every morning, Zogton meditates for 15 minutes as he brushes his luscious mane 100 times. It is a routine that has helped him find calm. Centaur captain Hodhat Sunspell worked with tabaxi monk Sunshine at Night (Sunshine) to help Zogton work out how to best find peace within himself. Every morning, this meditative approach incorporated his fear of losing his hair while also finding inner peace within himself.

Zogton focused on making himself better, but primarily on becoming better than his sister. As his older sister, Zola had long been praised by his family and members of the castle. They seemed destined to make her the leader of Burmstone Fortress, at the chagrin of Zogton. One person that believed in Zogton was the gnome alchemist and archivist Fenla Usgrodick. She encouraged him to write his thoughts down every morning, trying to work out what had happened the day before and relate it to previous days.

In trying to find calmness, Zogton used his claws and became an expert paper-cutter. While it was not something that he showed off, experts in the field would seek him out for his thoughts on the subject. Delegations from the Feywild would occasionally visit him on his adventures to discuss his techniques, offering boons if he would relocate there to teach them. However, he would kindly rebuff them, fearing that committing to the Feywild or any other would see him lose again.

Among his other skills was his noted skills with the contrabass oboe. The sizeable musical instrument was not well known outside of the bardic classes. Still, Yuan-ti orchestra conductors across multiple kingdoms and empires have heard rumors of this large creature that has mastered the contrabass oboe. They have sent out emissaries to find him, requesting him to play for them to join their ranks.

His biggest secret is placed in a small pouch inside his backpack. His grandmother, Gorria Summerdrifter, stitched him a plush owlbear when Zogton struggled to sleep as a child. Within days of receiving this plush toy, his sleep improved significantly. At the same time, whenever he has not had Winnie the Hoot, his sleep has deteriorated in length and quality. Even as an adult, he has kept Winnie the Hoot with him to ensure that he has a good night’s sleep.

As a young cub, Zogton got his hands on a variety of colors used in his art class. Alone from everyone and away from the usual discipline of his educators, Zogton used the colors to die his stubby mane many many different shades – with no thinking as to the style of it. When he was finished, he strutted throughout Burmstone Keep. His parents beat him as a punishment, and his educators also punished him. Zogton was denied water to wash his hair, and magic users refused to help him remove it from his hair. It took many months for the colors to naturally come out from his mane, and he has never tried to experiment with dying his mane ever since.

However, he is fastidious about his appearance. The strong relationship he has with his mother means that he discovered the pleasure of a good manicure. The management of his claws became something he actively sought out, and manicurists across many realms have been handily rewarded for their work. He has occasionally splurged on having poems enscribed on his claws that represent the importance of family and friends.

If ever asked, his favorite dish would be direbear served with a mug of milk and a shot of whiskey. Zogton is a highly empathetic individual, who seeks to be optimistic, polite and respectful at all opportunities. He prefers to wash himself instead of bathe, like his ancestors.


On the other hand, there were some highlights and exciting experiences for Zogton. On his return to Burmstone Fortress following the interaction with Elephanttamer, Zola recommended that Zogton head west to the city of Laemont. Their parents agreed, believing it would be a good opportunity for Zogton to take a break from his adult education and find a new purpose. While his travels to Laemont were uneventful, his time in the city was nothing but that.

While enjoying a refreshing ale, he saw a medusa walking through the city with her head down, eyes covered. She picked up on the attention and sat down next to him with her head down. “I would ask that you keep your eyes down or covered if I am to look at you.” She muttered.

With his eyes averted, he heard the slither of the snakes move around her head and then a tiny clatter in front of him. “I have placed eye coverings in front of you. Through these, we can look at each other, as I believe that we can work together.” He saw the mirrored spectacles and placed them on his face. Looking up, he saw that the medusa had the same on her face.

She reached out a hand. “My name is Mary Hilless. I am looking to hunt down some bandits who have stolen something of value from me and am happy to pay handsomely for some assistance.” Zogton took the offered hand. Looking Mary over, he picked her to be fairly old, but also wise. Her hair was primarily black and brown snakes that moved quietly in the wind. Her gray skin was cold in his furry paw but echoed some honesty to them.

“Let’s talk about this situation. You would understand that I would not jump into something on meeting someone immediately. I will, however, buy you a drink,” Zogton said. She agreed to this, and over the next few hours, they talked about themselves. Mary is a paladin of Tyr, the God of Justice, and was pushed out of her family for ostracizing the medusa pantheon. The bandits had stolen her sword of justice, which she called Nepenthe. She asked Zogton for help in retrieving Nepenthe and would provide support from Tyr and the city of Laemont.

Zogton agreed to this. As they finished their ales, Mary cast a spell of some sort and pointed in a direction. They both walked through the city, presenting a fierce image to the citizens. As Zogton pulled out his longsword, Mary pulled out her shortsword.

Within 20 minutes, they had located the bandit’s home. Not long after that, there were several statues and dead bodies dotted throughout the house. The head bandit had had his head separated from his body, and Nepenthe was in the hands of Mary. Mary looked at Zogton and said, “I’m sorry, but I need to do this to keep the hunger sated,” and slashed across the face and down one arm. While the wound cut deep, she immediately healed him while sheathing the weapon. The scar remained.

“What was that for?” Zogton asked angrily. Mary explained that Nepenthe demands justice and blood, and traditionally beheadings. This deep wound was the only way to keep it temporarily sated. It is her job to hold it and prevent others from being corrupted by it. “That scar will remain for the rest of your life, but you have done a wonderful deed. You can count on Laemont and Tyr throughout your life.”


In one of his solo journies north, Zogton met Elephanttamer, a 53-year old male goliath merchant. The bald head and blue eyes intrigued Zogton at first, as they stood out against the veiny white skin and the black tattoos. Elephanttamer towered over and around Zogton, being a tall and fat man.

While sitting together around a fire for protection, Zogton told a story about what had happened in his life. He inadvertently insulted Elephanttamer, who turned out to be a prominent merchant and drug smuggler for the northern groups. While Elephanttamer did not strike at Zogton with his giant ax, he told Zogton that the troubles would continue until this error could be rectified. He packed up his belongings and departed, leaving Zogton stunned and unaware of the grave mistake he has made.


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