Flowing Fridays – The Study of Romance

I wrote this poem when watching student couples return to university, and thought about how these relationships might form.

As his eyes slow drifted downward
A gentle nudge made him quick blink
He slowly moved his gaze upwards
Silent thanks to his saviour pink
The professor droned on and on
Equations melting together
As he looked over and upon
This beauty and his rescuer

She was bereft of silk samite
Twas warming to the summer heat
Her simple pink top was half length
It covered elbows from the suite
Of mosquitos, humidity
While remaining comfortable
It was chic, it was cute without
Standing out, not memorable

He looked down at his crumpled shirt
That he’d plucked off his dirty floor
The late night of gaming had left
Him lacking in the clean clothes drawer
Brushing left-over noodles off
He turned attention most to class
But his eyes were drawn to the one
Who avoided the teachers scoff

After class, he stopped her to ask
Why did you wake me up? Why me?
What is it that I did that you
Felt that need to help, I can’t see?
She smiled coyly at him, hair bright
In light, eyes averting his gaze
Everyone needs a second chance
So leave your digital malaise

She finally looked eye to eye
To him, it was so bewitching
She said, I’ve given hope right now
Find other things captivating
As she did turn away from him
Her skirt did beautifully flounce round
He briefly forgot himself, And
Collected his jaw from the ground

It took him hours to notice
He knew naught of this smart woman
Just what she looked like that day and
He knew he had out his foot in
In preparing for that next class
And for the weeks ahead, cleaning
His laundry and studying up
Was his prime method for training

With clean clothes and his prepared notes
He was early this week to class
He took the same seat as last time
So that him she would not surpass
She arrived mere minutes later
Flashed him a smile, coming over
Placing her bag, books next to him
Sitting down, looking him over

You opted for the second chance
I see, sliding over her phone
With an app ready to share their
Contact info as a touchstone
With their names exchanged, details swapped
They would meet later to study
Their study session ran late night
Talking all the subjects lovely

The academic turned romance
Over twelve months, walks on campus
Were good, relieve various stress
Aligning the hippocampus
With the two academic fields
They traveled abroad together
Researching and learning, they were
Just like two birds of a feather

They were replete with offers, both
From unis near by and afar
When it came to decision time
Their choices could not be sub par
They wanted to be together
Same city or institution
Many had failed at this hurdle
These two got their distribution

They would continue to study
In lands far removed from their home
With the blessing of all parents
Studying biomes, chromosomes
Eventually they married
And are successful scientists
They soon returned to their homeland
In their fields, not the quietest

Thus our love story concludes
Like so many do, with some truth
You never know where your love is
Even as an unruly youth
Pay attention to those round you
A sweet smile, helping hand, quick nudge
Might be all that it takes to find
The one to always share sweet fudge


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