Bracketeering – What’s the best place in China?

I’ve been inspired by Josh Earl and the polls he has been running on his Twitter account.

With that in mind, I’m going to take that inspiration and run with it.

I’m going to focus my brackets on China stuff, because I am here and that makes sense to me.

My first bracket

I’ve decided to make my first bracket around the provinces, municipalities and regions of China. I’ve grouped Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan all into one “team” to fill out 32 spots and avoid political sensitivities. I drew them at random earlier today.

Best Province, Municipality and Region

I’m already running this poll over on this Chinese website, but I’m also going to load the polls here for your convenience.

Remember that I’ll be adding all the votes together. I’ll be closing the votes at midnight on Sunday China time (as best I can – I’ll be asleep). Share this with your friends