Monday Mysteries – The Ke’ai Crook

The Ke’ai Crook – Level 3 Kenku Criminal Rogue (Thief)

There is no Tickles anymore.

Tickles is her old name.

She now goes by… The Ke’ai Crook.

The Ke’ai Crook has recently arrived in the city and started making a name for herself in the low levels of the Memories of the Mysterious. The penguin kenku has been ignored by most people, and this underestimation is leaving people poorer for the experience.

Having left the Petrified Iced Expanse and her parents, Snowblower and Plutus, the Ke’ai Crook has left her past behind and taken on this new identity. There has been no contact back with her parents, who divorced acrimoniously when she was young. As a young woman, she rarely thinks about her hometown, having moved in with the Murmurers, a known family of air genasi.

The Murmurers welcomed her with open arms after the alleged corruption charges threatened to get larger. The Ke’ai Crook was bored at school and decided to forge various school documents to help herself. With the scandal threatening to blow up further, her parents agreed that the Murmurers would help her. Little did they know that they were in bed with the Memories of the Mysterious, the local thieves guild. She has developed a loyalty to the Murmurers, who have helped her adjust to her new life.

The Ke’ai Crook has learned much in her time so far. She has adjusted to the new and somewhat improved lifestyle in the city. Disguising herself as a stuffed toy, her way into properties has been self-inflicted for many victims. Children and parents have carried her directly into their homes, where she could go throughout the property to take what she wanted before waddling away in the dead of night.

Some of her successful thefts have included “acquiring” a magical crossbow from the elven House of Leleth Serin. The Ke’ai Crook also stole a slightly enchanted cloak that billows dramatically at a thought…something that appeals to her tap dancing skills.

When she does get the chance to relax, she enjoys fish and white wine. Every morning, she spends 10 minutes brushing and cleaning her yellow-gold crests with extreme care.


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