Monday Mysteries – Coal

Coal in the Fireplace (Coal) – Level 3 Mercenary Veteran Gloomstalker Ranger Tabaxi

Born to Spark of Life (Spark) and Twin Fire (Fire), Coal in the Fireplace (Coal) has long found solace in the darkest places. Whether wandering through the alleys at night or catching prey in the darkest of forests, Coal has always found pleasure hiding and sniping from the black. Her black fur suited her enormously for these tasks.

While not truly committed to Celestian, she adopted some of the attributes of it, following a supernatural experience when stumbling across a shrine to Celestian. She sensed his divine presence, before a large rock did not strike her. Somehow, Coal was able to dodge the rock, in a way she was unable to do so before.

As a seemingly infinite mercenary force, the Fiery Flames Clan have foiled numerous smuggling rings and earned the ire of many organizations. In particular, Coal has attracted the attention of the Sanguine Phantoms, a large criminal organization that has its tentacles throughout society.

During her time in the forests, she managed to kill a group of smugglers that were harassing a young leonin. Both the young leonin, Ere Fierceweaver, and Coal, split up the loot of the smugglers, with Coal acquiring the magical longbow. It was later discovered that these smugglers were members of the Departed Headhunters, a sub-group of the Sanguine Phantoms.

Young leonin, Ere Fierceweaver was helped by Coal when some smugglers were harassing Ere. Coal snuck around and started picking off the smugglers from the darkness. While the smugglers struggled to find out where the arrows were coming from, Ere picked up his sword and went on the attack. Together, they defeated the smugglers and split the treasure between the two of them. They left on good terms and looked forward to meeting again.

The Departed Headhunters have tangled with Coal on a couple of occasions. Members of the Departed Headhunters have come off worse on both occasions, and the Sanguine Phantoms have let it be known among their other groups that Coal and other members of the Fiery Flames are to be handled with deadly force… where possible.

However, the Sanguine Phantom’s involvement in local government and one of the regional factions has inhibited this, as they seek to be seen as a force for good.

Coal comes from the Fiery Flames Clan, based in the small city of Zalfari. Her family traditionally followed gods like Patches, the God of Knocking That One Very Fragile Item off a Crowded Table, and Lightning, the Goddess of the Pre-Pounce Butt Wiggle. While Coal is still an adherent of Patches and Lightning, she found some interest in Celestian.

While the Fiery Flames Clan is largely housed within Zalfari, it is an unusual clan in that they tend to breed highly independent tabaxi. They spread themselves out across the continent, with every member collecting and sending information from their numerous sources. They act as a mercenary force of infinite individuals – sending money back to Zalfari via trusted members.

The sign of the Fiery Flames Clan is the branding of a claw inside a flame, placed on the right shoulder. The fur is allowed to grow over it and the Clan tends to allow the fur to grow over it in a way that it becomes a flap over the brand, for easy reveal. Every member of the Clan has a small piece of Glamerweave that reacts to the brand – if the Glamerweave does not react to a brand, that brand was not made by a properly consecrated priest of the Clan.

Coal has a long scar down her left arm, following the battle against the Departed Headhunters. It has largely healed but the scar remains. She is looking to have a tattoo placed over it to allow the fur to cover it again.


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