Trapped At Home – A Poem

This poem was written in April or May of 2020 when things were bad in China and I had no idea what was going on.

Rumours had abounded from early January
Of a virus dangerous that would easily carry
At first, we were told not to be concerned
But after a couple of weeks, the news turned
As cases started to build both here and over the seas
Officials found themselves further under the squeeze
Despite the clamour from foreign shores
It was admitted open were the doors
Very quickly the regulations shifted
The dramatic change in mask demand, lifted
Panic became modus operandi
Condom sales indicate home-bound people are randy
The city of Wuhan kept citizens homebound
Lunar New Year holidays slowed right down
No-one could leave this central city
The situation was looking real unpretty
Hubei Province is entirely locked up
Almost impossible for anyone to get a checkup
Guangdong insists on masks in public
Price gouging is by no-one stomached
Temperature checks everywhere you go
Going shopping, traveling, even returning home
Countries are closing their borders to those
Who has lived in the borders, regardless of clothes
We are also told to stay in our homes
Businesses closed, some on their last bones
Public transport is incredibly quiet
Lack of veggies inhibits a balanced diet
Shops are struggling to stock their shelves
As it is now every person for themselves
Some cities limit access for individual families
With only one person providing supplies
For those in high rise buildings
They do exercise on the roof in the winter chilling
In older communities, they do what they can
Running or playing sports, no chance of a tan
Many bars and breweries have been forced to close
For many families, this is a massive blow
Big business will almost certainly survive
But for SMEs, this virus is like suicide

There have been numerous events canceled
Sporting leagues effectively dismantled
Karaoke halls have now fallen silent
Cinemas unable to fill themselves with clients
Workplaces closed for a week longer than planned
As people try and return from their homelands
Trains will be empty, or will they be full?
There are concerns about people effectively wrapped in wool
To find humour, citizens revert to memes
It’s been the only way to prevent annoyed screams
My social feed is full of dark comedy
It’s not Black Mirror, our lives feel cobwebby
The brand of Corona is struggling with its image
Their social media managers must work with a grimace
At the misinformation, they must deal with every day
To try and make the negativity go away
Countries have rapidly closed their doors
On foreign citizens, turning their shores
Into quarantine centers, isolated from all
No chance to rejoin the family thrall
Foreign students costing universities billions
The tourism industry in pain riding pillion
Millions trapped away from home and work
Airlines working overtime to help travelers berserk
Yet we zoom in on our individual homes
Apartments, dormitories, townhouses, icy domes
We’re all trapped inside, nary a place to go
Some venture outside, to experience the sun’s glow
Others hide away inside, not even getting out of bed
While many must work from home, still earning that bread
The big problem for many is a lack of motivation
We all hope this is just an aberration
While many health care professionals focus on care physical
Not enough attention is paid to emotional and mental – others clinical
In a world where people struggle at all times
There is a lack of attention like bars pay to limes
The mental and emotional needs of society
Are inhibited by the constrictions of filial piety
So with hundreds of millions stuck in places of emotional pain
There are few opportunities for their demons to be slain
In these moments, deep in pits of despair
Any help provided can ensure some repair
Even if you can’t give a fellow a hug
Reaching out into the ether, won’t give you the bug
Everyone needs a friendly helping hand
We pine for fjords, wait, that’s not Finland
The broader point is that we look out for each other
Like brothers and sisters, from another mother
So in this time of uncertainty right now
Don’t gamble on your emotions like you would in Macau
Get in touch with your friends, make sure they’re okay
We should do our best to make sure their feelings do not fray
In a community like ours, every connection is essential
You never know if your conversation is consequential
So in closing this awful long poem of mine
Enjoy each other’s company and have some good wine


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