Monday Mysteries – an introduction

This is the start of a new series I am going to do every Monday.

As I have said before, I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. A big part of that is creating their backstory and who they are.

I’ve played with players that don’t really make much effort in terms of a backstory, and DMs that prefer dot points for backstories.

On the other hand, I like making rich backstories for my characters. I will invent towns and clans and guilds and people to fit inside the world that the DM creates.

My style of creating a character

I like to create characters that might be fun to play. My class and race combinations might not be the most optimal but I have a lot of fun with the characters.

The biggest challenge is finding a background that matches what I have in mind, but I can make it worth. Sometimes it requires some clever story writing but otherwise it’s a lot of fun.

What to expect?

Mondays will now be Monday Mysteries.

Every week, I will share the backstory of a character I have created, just to give you the idea behind it.

There is no character this week, but keep an eye out next week for the start of a long series of characters.


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